Thursday, 27 June 2013

Relationships and the cake from Woolworths

You go to Woolworths to buy your favourite cake ever, you get there and find that you are spoilt for choice. You haven't had this cake in a while, you've been hearing people and friends talk about just how fresh, tasty and good Woolworths' cakes are. So out of that, you just pick any from the shelves and walk to the counter to pay.

Satisfied just by the thought of how you will devour this cake when you get home and tell everyone just how delicious the cake is; you pay and say to the cashier with a broad smile on your face "keep the change".

You drive back home as fast as you can, images of you enjoying the cake seem to involuntarily force your foot to accelerate the car so you can get home quicker. finally, you get home, you take the cake out of its container and you look at it for some time. Thing is, you want to appreciate it for a little while before you take a bite. So then you take your first bite and tastes rather odd, not as your expected or as your friends said it would. So you spit it out and take another bite, this time the cake tastes even worse than before.

So you take the container look at it and try to see if you bought the right cake. You inspect, twist and turn the container, you find that it really is what you went to buy and thought you bought. You decide to give it another chance, maybe it will taste better this time, you think to yourself. You take another bite at the cake and find that it now tastes worse than before. So you decide to look at every finer detail of the container this time, and sadly you come to find that the cake you expensively bought has expired.

But you can't understand it, everyone said Woolworths sold the freshest cakes. Everyone spoke of how they enjoy the cakes from there. You ask yourself "but why me?" and you also ask a couple of people as well "why me?". They respond and say and ask you: "but why did you pay for something before looking at the container?" You are disappointed by their lack of sympathy for you and because none them mentioned that you should first inspect the container.

You think conclude that nobody understands you. Nobody understands that you also wanted to know how cakes from Woolworths tasted like. You are saddened more because you paid more at the counter for a cake that has expired and you didn't have time to inspect it.

Most of the time in our lives we buy an expired cake, especially in relationships. We are usually told that guys from church, from rural areas or ladies from so and so are the best. We are in such a hurry to experiment that we forget to look at the ingredients or expiry date. We are in a hurry to feel just what others feel and to also have something to share when they all talk about thee Woolworths cake.

So we get to the shelves that are fully packed with a variety of things but hastily pick anything that we can grab first and sacrifice more for it for a mere craving. We long for what others have been having and think that their source of happiness will also be ours. Few days or a month later we learn of how bad a partner is and he or she gets worse with time. Then we ask "why me?", we can't understand, we blame God, our friends and even perhaps the church or the shop.

But who bought the food/item without first checking the specifications. Who hastily paid for the item without inspecting and reviewing its ingredients? And who desired something so much that he or she'd ignore the expiry date only to find that he or she can't bare the taste? It definitely is not the shop, it is not your friend, your church or even the government. It is you and only you.

So young man, young woman, divorcee or friend. Take your time really, inspect that which you are about to buy while still at the shelves, inspect it at the counter, as you walk out the door and as you drive home, continue to admire it thoroughly. Take your time finding pleasure in just admiring the small print, finer detail per detail, print per print, before you commit to it. Don't just grab anything because of the name of the shop, the name of the church or what somebody else said. Never be in such a hurry to miss the fun of enjoying the process of learning about something or someone, reading its ingredients and reviewing its potential taste-life-span.

No matter where you buy, take your time at the shelves inspecting your cake before you even decide to buy it.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Young man it is time

Young man it is time

It is time, young man; you put away boyish thoughts and became a matured man.
Young man it is time, time you stopped playing childish games and realised the world needs you matured already.
Young man it time you put away your toys and spared hearts....

Young man it is time, time you stopped chasing and realised you were meant to be leader...
And so you need to be followed.
Women, children and men as well, should be following you but how can they when you are too busy chasing skirts.
It is time is stopped young man; it is time you stopped chasing lustrously after women and remembered that someone has your rib;
And that only that particular rib of your rib can make you whole.

Young man it is time, time you stopped chasing after trends/
Time you stopped being driven by cars and remembered you should be a vehicle that drives inspiration, motivation and hope.
Time you stopped allowing what you wear to define you and started defining what you wear, before you are defined by world standards.
Time you stopped chasing brands and remembered: you are first branded by the Kingdom of God before all these things that control you.
Young man when will you stop being a counterfeit of yourself?
When will you put away your childish thoughts and become a real man.

It is time young man...
It is time you lead people out of Egypt and not back into Egypt.
Time you parted red seas and stopped spilling blood.
It really is time/
It is time you stopped being a slave young Israelite...
It is time you stopped being a slave to alcohol, drugs, pornography and prostitutes.
It is time you practised family values and morals.
"Play now so you can be done by when you want to marry..."
The devil's lie that deceives you and turns you into a professional player.
And soon you will realise that you can't stop.
But what If you died today young man?
Would you be happy dying a playful man who never led a live he was meant to live.
It is time you realised that: if you are not in control then you are being controlled.
Young man the world needs you sober,
the world needs you matured
and tomorrow needs you alive.

Young man it is time...
It is time you stopped celebrating cheap seemingly victorious lies that lead you to death and focus on rebuilding yourself.
It is time you stopped celebrating how many women you sleep with and realise you are paving a way of sin/
Your wage will be death and you will be paid in full.
It is time young man you started celebrating how many women’s self-love you've revived...
How many you led out of Egypt and how many you helped mend their hearts.
Young man it is time you remembered that you were meant to be a protector of this universe, ruler of all on it/
It is time you protected our young, strengthened the weak and mended the broken.

Young man you need to grow the faith Abraham/
Seek the wisdom of king Solomon/
Build the strength and wisdom of David/
You need to lead amazingly like Moses/
Give your best at all times like Abel
And listen obediently like Noah...
Young man your aim on this earth should be to serve and protect...
Why are you being like Jonah and running in the opposite direction?
Why are you fleeing from His presence by fleeing onto sin?
Do you not know He is omnipresent/
And that you will eventually find yourself where God wants you to go?
Then why are you wasting your precious time trying to flee to Tarshish?
Why have you become like Samson: that you would sell your soul to the devil just to lie on Delilah's thighs?
Is that how cheap you have become?
That your soul can now be bought by a few minutes' pleasure?
Lest you forget,
lest you forget young man, that a minute's pleasure of the flesh will be repaid with eternal suffering.

Young man it is time,
Time you put away your toys and spared some hearts.
It is time you rebuilt your dignity.
Young man it time you stopped boosting about Jezebels and found your other rib.
It is time you learnt that one perfect fitting rib is worth more than a hundred wrong ones.
It is time you realised that harm you do to someone's daughter/
Is harm you do to your brother's future wife/
And it is harm you do to the beauty of this universe.

Can't you see?
Can't you see young man?
Women are not happy anymore?
They hide their cracks behind make up/
And their tears behind a smile.
They always shut the world out
even just when people want to lend a helping hand, they are always suspicious.
They find companionship in shopping,
try to fit themselves in tight clothes for we've made them feel small.
and they seek solace in food that causes them diseases.
Have you not made them this way young man?
What else must they do?
for they can no longer trust you to love and protect them.
They've become bitter/
They've built walls and
And wasted money,
on self-defense training,
that they didn't have if only you did not threaten them.

But these women, young man,
all they should be are roses of the world,
why have you made them so unpleasant to admire, to look at
and to live with?
Souls you pollute,
souls you take and souls you lead to death,
you will be asked about on judgment day.
Don’t you know, young man, haven’t you heard of judgment day?
All these things that lead you to sin have been strategically created,
To intentionally keep you dazed, confused
and too busy to realise that you no longer worship God but the devil.
These things are now used to prevent you from becoming what God intended for you to be.
Break away young man, unchain yourself and go be a MAN that God created you to be.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I cheated on myself

I planted a seed/
Every time I stayed up late at night to watch Emmanuel...
Soon after my mind was watered with evil lustrous visuals/
I started acting out what I watched/
Till I got tired of being dealt the same hand/
And lusted over the Emmauels of this world...
Met descent women but left them for the Jezabels of this world...

See the seed of a perfect woman to me was planted by the devil/
Watered by Emmauel
And I harvested addiction, obsession and lust as my fruits.
"When I was a child I did childish things"/
The devil fearfully of my maturity kept me childish and I allowed it.
I kept playing with humans as my toys/
never grew up
and women got demaged in the process.
"If anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a huge millstone tied around his neck and to be thrown into the sea." (Mark 9:42)
The devil used me/
And then he was the first tie a huge stone around my neck and
Throw me deep into the sea of darkness
And un-satisfaction.
"Never trust a woman"
The devils slogan I proudly, loudly and stupidly recited...
Without knowing I was cheating myself of the experience of trusting and being trusted.

God this woman is such a descent soul/
Nothing like the jezebels I cheated her with/
Always fully dressed and only her heart she opened up for me.
She never took off her clothes on the first date/
And since she found sex before marriage to be sin/
I never dared to even ask her that we do it in the backseat of a car.
She was more concerned with my soul and heart/
But what was I to offer her when my soul was scattered in pieces and left with every other woman I slept with but her.
What was I to offer her when my heart had been taken by every woman whose heart I broke.
Now she is leaving for she found a dark hallow space where my heart was supposed to be.
Now she is leaving for my soul was cold and she could find Christ in its darkness.

God can I please just get one more Day with her?
I promise I would ask for forgiveness from everyone/
Gather my heart from everyone and open it up for her.
I promise I'd listen to her speak and not rush her or us into anything.
I'd get to know what she likes, doesn't like and not expect her to be another Emmanuel.
Can I please have one more day with her God to fetch my soul from the devil, give it to Christ so she can see a man who loves wholeheartedly, unconditionally and faithfully when she searches my soul.
Can I please just get one more day with her God?

"My son giving her more time with you would be like feeding her expired food.
When a son asks for fish from his father, the father would not give him snake (Luke11:11)
So why should I keep her in a relationship that's like a fig tree that bares no fruits.
Your time with her has reached its sell by date.
I had written her story in your life only up until today.
My son, you did not cheat on her/
You cheated yourself off the pleasure of loving someone and being equally loved back.
You've cheated yourself off an opportunity to find companionship and have yourself loved for who you are.
My son, you didn't cheat on her/
You cheated yourself off a very important time in your life where I would have taught you true love is.
You cheated yourself off the pleasure of enjoying the rollercoaster of a relationship/
And no you can't have more time to love her better...
Your time in her life has expired.
It is not that I don't believe you've changed/
But your time in her story is finished."

I know why we broke up

No, seriously, I now know why we broke up
When I finally heard you sing,
It was as if the heavens opened up and drew my soul in.
Allowing myself to be pulled by a greater force,
I found myself in your heart.
And I knew there and then that heaven existed in your heart.
Your arteries were streets of gold
I took long strolls on and got lost in love.
Only to find myself in veins painted with diamonds.
Heaven was your heart and I gladly resided in.
With every heartbeat you pumped life into existence,
Hypnotized my heart and forced our hearts to dance to the same rhythm.
If your heart ceased to beat I would have ceased to breath.

See, I had engraved your name at the tip of my tongue
So that every sentence I pronounced began with your name.
I also tattooed your face on my eye’s lens
So that with every blink of an eye I could re-see your face.
My love for you was anything but blind,
Still I voluntarily blinded myself to every other woman but you.

Yet we still broke up,
But seriously I now know why we broke up.

See I gave you all the love I had,
Though you returned it twice as much
But I had no love left, for anything else.
I never complained for I didn’t even know it then.
But God wants us to enjoy so much more to life than just one individual.

I didn’t worship the ground you walked on
But laid myself down as your ground
So that you didn’t have to walk on thorns.
In turn I bruised my body
but didn’t even feel it,
for love was the only feeling that made sense to me.
But God must have felt unloved by me?
I mean,
I had no space left to love him
as I loved you even with the last breath of my heart.

Because I had given you my heart
And had to live off yours
I smothered you without even noticing it.
But I need you to understand that:
had I been without you even for a day
I would have been without a heart
And eventually would have died.

See I was dependent on your happiness for mine.
I was dependent on your existence for mine.
If your world fell apart mine came crumbling down.
And it couldn't have been healthy to depend so much on someone.

And that is why we broke up,
We broke up so I could learn to be independent.
We broke up so that you could breathe and I could un-strain your heart.
We broke so I could find pleasure in the minor things in life.
We broke up so that my Alpha and Omega could be God.
It hurt me for years,
Yes it had me accusing the world of having injustices
And God of “favouring” the next man you got with more.
But finally I understand,
I understand why I had to die in us…
We broke up so to die in us

So that for the first time we could live and he could live in us.

If I were Jesus Christ

If I were Jesus Christ I’d carry the cross all over the world/
Just to remind the devil that no weight is heavier than my strength.
If I were the Son of Man I would wear the cross to every spiritualwar/
Just to remind him (devil) that I have already defeated him on thecross.

If I were Jesus Christ I’d tattoo scriptures on my forehead/
Scriptures that reminds him that my father fights for me/
And that the Angels of war back me up.
If I were the Son of Man I would show the devil holes left by hisnails/
I would show him these with the most genuine of smiles/
Just so he may grasp that my scars do not remind me the pains heafflicted
Nor do they make me bitter and angry
But that they remind me of where my Father found me/
Where He moved me from and just how miraculously he healed me…

If I were Christ I’d always open my hands wide for the devil every timeI see him/
Just to remind him that when he spread my arms wide on the cross/
He was actually opening my arms wide open to even the most wicket ofsinners/
And that he unaware erased every sin committed by the hands of a man.

If I were Jesus Christ, I would dine at a table with the devil andhis congregation.
Then I’d fold my feet in the same manner he folded them/
When he drove nails through them on the cross.
Just to remind him that when he thought men would no longer walk asa result/
They actually walked even closer to God/
And every distance they walked,
away from God before the cross, was reversed.

If I were Jesus Christ I’d sit on every table side ways/
I would walk sideways and in everything I do I would show the devilonly a side of me/
Just to remind him that broken relationships were healed at thatinstant.
Then sitting sideways on a table/
I would drink water oozing from my right-side wound/
Just to remind him no man shall ever be thirsty again/
Just to remind him sins have been washed away.
And for wine I’d drink from the same wound…

If I were Jesus Christ I would wear a crown of thorns as my hallow/
Just to show him his thorns has been turned into a blessing by my Father/
Then again remind him that he cannot pierce as far as my mind/
For my mind is a battle field,
A battle field that my Father is and will always be the undisputedchampion of.

If I were Jesus Christ I would in every situation/
appear from the grave as my door or entrance point/
Just to see his face when he remembers my resurrection powers.
I would tattoo on my body the faces of every man I healed, delivered
And lead to my Father.
So he may remember the wonderful works done by my Father through me.

Then I would finish by writing this scripture on the clouds: “Verytruly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing,and they will do even greater things than these…”
Just to remind my brothers on earth whenever they look up/
That: they too have healing powers.
That: they too can cast out demons.
That: they too can defeat whatever cross in their lives.
And that they too, have resurrection powers from every situation ordeath in their lives.
Only if and when they believe.

But since I am only mortal,since I am only Immanuel God’s trusted Poet…
All I can do is write about these things and hope the devil canread.
Since I am only a poet, I can only write what my Father recites tome/

And hope readers read with understanding and that listeners hear Himthrough me.

Young women it is time...

It is time...

It is time you young woman saw no other man worthy to be your King than Christ.
It is time you stopped fooling around with men who talk the talk but never walk the walk...
"I'd take a bullet for you" well how about he tries hanging on the cross for you.

It is time you started dating He who would not only claim that he'd die for you but actually hung on the cross for you.
It is time... you stopped being hung over he that hurt you and love He that hung for you.
Young women it is time you stopped waiting on Mr. Right by flirting with Mr. Wrong.
Wait on trusted Shepherd you impatient young soul.

It is time you stopped playing with those that come to steal your gentleness, your love and your beauty.
Young woman it is time you realise that some scars don't heal and will remain a factor even when your Boaz has arrived.
Young woman it is time you stopped worshipping boys that do not even know how to pray and worshipped He that died and resurrected just to be with you again.

Young women until when will you subject yourself to unnecessary heartache trying to fill a space that not even a hundred mortal men can fill.
Will you not realise that you will not be satisfied despite the quantity until you get the Quality that God intended for you.

Until when young lady will you go and cry to another man who had been waiting for an opportunity to do to you exactly what the one you crying about did.
"So that your faith may not rest on men's wisdom but the power of God"
He with all the powers is preparing your man, why are you killing yourself while your One is being prepared?
When will you see that until God sends your Jesus your way, you can't be with anyone.
And that until you are ready to be with Him, only Him, He won't come.
When will you realise that God will send your Jesus dressed in a man's flesh to save you only if you remain loyal in his absence in eyes of the flesh for in spirit He is with you.

When will you realise you deserve someone who loves openly, wholeheartedly,­ eternally, faithfully and wholly...
Young woman stop... And wait on your Jesus, He did promise to return for you.
Are you that impatient, are you not willing to wait on Him who will love you forever? Are you that lonely? Doesn't He keep you company, doesn't He live in you? Until the one who lives in you comes to live with you then you can't live with any other Diablo or Diabolo who aims to finish you before your Man returns.